Juiced Bikes Posts Fake Area Code Nano Discount Price

The pre-release promo price was US$299.

Now it’s US$399 and the howls of laughter over that price must have shamed Juiced.

But their “solution” is outright fraudulent.

Screenshot taken on January 2 (clipped from entire page):

Screenshot taken today, January 4 (clipped from entire page):

Their page says to email them for top speed. I did. They said an unbelievable 20mph. I emailed back asking if that was verified. They never replied. That says a lot. And now they pull this.

Their only hope to pull in any money at all is to sell the deck itself. That would interest me. The craptastic drivetrain they’re now trying to sucker people into buying with a fake discount price along with the deck? No.

Meanwhile, I’ve been swapping YouTube Comments with the guy who posted the first owner video. I no longer have any suspicions that he might be a shill. He’s been very upfront about his experience with it and it’s been a fruitful exchange.

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