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Quote Of The Day: Hope For Apple Edition

Just overheard from an analyst whose name I didn’t catch on CNBC: Everybody in the world who has an iPhone is going to buy a new iPhone to have 5G. Interesting idea.

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Internet Archive Puts 11,000 Books From 1923 Online

Open Culture article: 11,000 Digitized Books From 1923 Are Now Available Online at the Internet Archive Internet Archive 1923 books search result Same-day update: I’m already grabbing things. The first significant title is The Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences by … Continue reading


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Trump Will Have His Wall

Twitter: They should have given him the US$5B. Idiots. They can always tear it down later. Meanwhile, all the government employees and the rest of us are held hostage by people who have no damn idea what real life is … Continue reading

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Microsoft Teases January 8, 2018 Announcement

Twitter: I foolishly hope beyond hope that it’s the rumored Centaurus. But it seems too early for that. Microsoft needs to have their own PDF reading app ready. And I don’t think PDFs are even on their radar. That’s bleak. … Continue reading

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Rare Ruby Red Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Twitter: Wait. What?!? I asked. Because I thought he might have put a skin on it. No.

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Documentary: Kygo: Stole The Show

A cast of characters and the kind of story that Bob Lefsetz writes about all the time.

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YouTube Milestone (Or Millstone?)

If I recall correctly, the Copyright owner chose to monetize it instead of being mean and having it taken down with me getting a Copyright Strike. So I thank them for being sensible. I’m surprised at how popular this clip … Continue reading

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Lenovo Yoga Book C930: Yet Another Google Books PDF Test

I was frustrated by my inability to get the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 to rotate the screen in the last test. So, really wanting to know, I decided to track down a working unit so I could see some of … Continue reading

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UK TV: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire £250,000 Question

His Safety Net was set at £32,000. He just answered the £125,000 question. Then this, for £250,000: Do you know the correct answer? See what happened next …

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