Lenovo Yoga Book C930: Yet Another Google Books PDF Test

I was frustrated by my inability to get the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 to rotate the screen in the last test.

So, really wanting to know, I decided to track down a working unit so I could see some of the test PDFs in proper Portrait orientation on the eInk screen. Luckily, the same unit I used last time would rotate this time. But I had to hold it just about completely vertical! I don’t know if the accelerometer on that unit is hinky or if Lenovo tuned it incorrectly and all units are like this.

What I downloaded (click any image to enlarge):

Remember I encountered a Copy/Paste bug in a prior test? I now think this is a Windows 10 bug and not the fault of Lenovo’s PDF reading app. Why? I used the Windows-PrtSc button combo to take a screenshot (the one just shown). The screen dimmed as it should. The snap was saved. When I opened a PDF on the eInk screen, did a page crop, and sent it to the Clipboard, when I opened Paint to paste it — I got the above screensnap instead! WTF! Clearly this is a weird Windows 10 bug. Microsoft, please fix it!

Straight off, let me give Lenovo another thing to fix (aside from cropping): When I’ve cropped a PDF on the eInk screen, if the screen orientation is changed (deliberately or accidentally because the accelerometer is hinky; harrumph), the crop area is not retained. I have to do it again! That should not happen. Please fix it!

OK, on to the PDFs (not all downloaded were snapped, but I did look at them all).

The American Magazine:

I’m still absolutely stunned at the speed at which it handles that 290MB PDF! The eInk screen is also so sharp that I could easily read the text — if I were to increase the magnification of my reading glasses (not something I want to do). With my current glasses, it’d be a bit of an effort. That’s fine as-is, however. This was not a reading test. It’s enough that I can “preview” issues.

It’s Like This, Cat:

Easily readable since the display size is actually larger than the original print edition.

Succeeding With What You Have by Charles Schwab:

I’ve read that twice and would probably give it a third go on the Lenovo too. Easily readable.

The Thinking Machine:

Easily readable.

Now the true test for me.

Pushing To The Front:

I read that 700+ paged PDF on a borrowed 7-inch Asus craptab with HD screen. It was not an entirely pleasant experience. On the Lenovo eInk screen, the text is slightly larger but the reading experience is dramatically better. I’d give it a re-read that way.

I absolutely love the Lenovo Yoga Book C930!

iPad? What’s that?

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