Becker, Peterson, Singer, Holohan

I could give this — as well as all my other posts — compelling clickbaity titles. But I’m not out to appeal to children who need shiny titles to lure them into reading or watching something. If someone needs that, they’re simply beyond any hope and any effort they expend here would be a waste of their time and mine as well.

So, the pitch here is that sometimes things line up wonderfully to make a point. The same point. And when you see that happen not twice but thrice, it’s time to really pay attention.

These two videos and one prior post will take time to watch and read. But I think you’ll be glad you did. At the very least, you will have been exposed to something new. Be like The Doctor, who as portrayed by Matt Smith, expressed this lovely perspective: “New things. I like new things.”

The Death Of Alex Becker

Take Aim, Even Badly

Book: The Surrender Experiment

And all of that gives this video a new perspective:

If You Can’t Make A Living In America, You’re Not Paying Attention

It’s not just paying attention to what’s out there. It’s also paying attention to your self.

Previously here:

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