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Nudgestock? WTF! Anyway: Dominic Cummings

The scariest part of this video for me is that it took place at an event called Nudgestock. Edward Bernays is laughing in his grave. Here is Dominic Cummings explaining how the Leave campaign won against the pro-EU forces in … Continue reading

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Steve Bannon’s Poisonous Playbook Won’t Die

The ‘doomsday’ scenario: Here’s what happens if the shutdown drags on 38 million low-income Americans lose food stamps 6 million face an uncertain timetable for collecting tax refunds 2 million without rental assistance and facing possible eviction 800,000 paycheck-less federal … Continue reading

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New YouTube Behavior: Latest YouTube Posts

This now appears on my YouTube home page: They have a bizarre way of defining “Latest.” Most of them are 3-6 days ago. It should be 3-6 hours. Previously here: New YouTube Behavior: Scroll For Details New YouTube Behavior: Separated … Continue reading

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Are Books The Worst Way To Learn Coding?

I am again dabbling in learning JavaScript. I need to automate some data in my life. I got this book from the library: JavaScript in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (7th Edition). I tried this before using an online resource. … Continue reading

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