Are Books The Worst Way To Learn Coding?

I am again dabbling in learning JavaScript. I need to automate some data in my life.

I got this book from the library: JavaScript in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (7th Edition).

I tried this before using an online resource. That defeated me. I couldn’t figure out WTF was wrong with my code in an early lesson.

I figured I’d try again, with a book.

All went swimmingly until I hit Lesson 3: Calling Functions.

I hit a wall. WTF wouldn’t my code run? It duplicated the snippet in the book!

I went through seven iterations of my code. I pored through the prior lessons and code samples. I could not see WTF was wrong.

I finally got on Twitter and DMed a star coder with an SOS and my code example.

I was brought down by two things: A { on the wrong line. Then a ; in the wrong place.

ARGH! And yet I had followed the book! It was what the book showed!

This is why more people don’t learn coding. How many people can SOS DM a coder?

I never thought I would learn it in 24 hours. But FFS, to take ninety minutes on one thing? That’s appalling.

I will stick with the book until I get really fed up.

But already, I’ve seen something better. The TutorialsTeacher JavaScript tutorial. The PopUp Message section alone contained more than the book!

I am in no hurry to learn all this. But this time, I have more determination. Let’s see if I’m defeated again.

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