“Obsolete” Software Should Release Their Reg Codes

I use a CLIE S320 daily (a lot!).

Thanks to a user on Reddit, I’ve been able to get reg codes for two Hacks that stopped being sold years ago. The developer actually died(!). Now I can use these two critical Hacks nag-free. After years of nagging!

But it shouldn’t be this way. It seems just plain spiteful to me that when a dev abandons their software, they leave possible users in the future stuck with registration nag screens.

I long ago paid for MiniWrite but am stuck with a nag screen because I lost access to the email address the reg code was sent to. (There is a workaround for that, but I shouldn’t have to use it as a past paying customer!)

And SwitchHack — no one seems to have a reg code for that one!

If you’re a dev reading this, release the reg codes for the software you know no longer has a viable market. Do us all that favor.

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2 Responses to “Obsolete” Software Should Release Their Reg Codes

  1. A CLIE?! Gawd, next you will brag about that new abacus you picked up.

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