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New YouTube Behavior: Desktop MiniPlayer

I’m probably the last person to even notice this … Clicking the icon in the yellow circle …

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What Would YOU See In A Rat?

Episode 4 of season 6 of The Blacklist blew my mind. It’s perhaps the best episode of the entire series and gives us Raymond Reddington in concentrated form. Here is a man used to the best of everything, finally put … Continue reading

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Well, This Explains A Lot Of Today’s Political Crap

J B Peterson: what should you do if people around you are better than you The key sentence: “… being enticed into a trap.” The Egalitarian New World the whiners bray for as being “just” is nothing but a trap. … Continue reading

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Sunset At 5PM

Twitter: More daylight. Bring it!

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NYC Alt-Wheels Pioneer NYCEWheels Closes Storefront

This is a shock. I don’t know when it happened or why. I found out via a YouTube Comment! They didn’t even send out an email. Here is what we will miss: Second-Gen E-TWOW/Uscooters Booster Plus Electric Scooter What a … Continue reading

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