TV: Black Monday

Oh damn.

Showtime’s Black Monday is up there with HBO’s [oops!] Showtime’s Kidding and Netflix’s The Kominsky Method as an Absolute Must-See TV series.

I thought the first episode was badass. The second episode was even more badass.

This is a series that’s just letting it rip when it comes to dialogue. If Preston Sturges and Paddy Chayefsky were alive today, I think they’d admire the work done here. And be amazed that it was being done for television!

After the break, the trailer and the first episode.

The trailer is an absolute WTF?!!? And the first episode should hook you. Hook you baaaaaad.

You’ve been warned.

BLACK MONDAY (2019) | Official Trailer | Showtime | WARNING: Explicit Language

Black Monday | Season 1 Premiere | Full Episode (TV-MA)

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1 Response to TV: Black Monday

  1. unwiredben says:

    “Kidding” is on Showtime too.

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