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January 65, 2019

Twitter: Waiting for the clock to strike thirteen tonight here in Iceania … … it’ll be another night of windchill between 0F to negative 5F. January always tries to break me. And more or less succeeds too. Previously here: Winter … Continue reading

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“They’re Not Gonna Change What I’m Gonna Do.”

Infamous words. I originally saw this story on Oprah. Homeless guy is given US$100,000 during the course of a documentary film being shot about him and his life. The entire point of the documentary was to see what a homeless … Continue reading

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“Social Media Influenza”

I stole culturally apropriated borrowed that title from a Commenter at this remarkable YouTube video. Entitled millennial snowflake get owned by hotel owner Here’s a clue for that oblivious child, from Zig Ziglar: Zig Ziglar: YOU Are The Problem And … Continue reading

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Winter Brutality

At post time, it’s 48 days until Spring. Speed it up! Previously here: Two Days Of Murderous Winter

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