“They’re Not Gonna Change What I’m Gonna Do.”

Infamous words.

I originally saw this story on Oprah. Homeless guy is given US$100,000 during the course of a documentary film being shot about him and his life. The entire point of the documentary was to see what a homeless person would do with the money.

Then, today, I came across a YouTube video about the story. That told me the documentary’s name — Reversal of Fortune, from 2005 — and behold, it’s on YouTube. Not pristine; with shakycam recording off an SD TV screen to elude video fingerprinting. But I’d rather have it that way than not at all.

It’s also been sliced into parts; six of them. But it can watched via its Playlist, which plays each bit and then automagically does the next bit. (Just like, you know, a playlist. Duh…) However, there seems to be a gap, missing content, between parts five and six.

Of course, his sisters, being women (they usually are), have the best ideas for how he should proceed. But he doesn’t want to hear any of that. And he foreshadows his then-inevitable doom with the quote I’ve made this post’s title.

Really, as soon as he said he’d been drinking since he was thirteen, there was no way in any dimension of hell this would ever wind up as an uplifting story.

And he’s committed a great injustice to any other homeless person who wouldn’t have done what he did.

It’s time for me to re-run — already! — that Zig Ziglar snippet I already ran today:

Zig Ziglar: YOU Are The Problem

Previously here:

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