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Werewolf Cat

Brace yourself. This is not easy to watch. Abandoned Werewolf Cat Rescued from Life of Pain Such a gorgeous cat. I will refrain from characterizing the “human” who abandoned him.

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The Enemy Inside

The Blacklist: The Enemy Inside Ah, Twitter. Even with as few people as I Follow, I can’t escape the self-righteous condemnations of others. Well, perhaps “self-righteous” is wrong. Because there is no self being involved. The last thing the accusers … Continue reading

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New York City Is Becoming Alt-Wheels City

After the winterboarding we experienced this week, Nature decided to tease us with temperatures in the high 40sF yesterday. And the Alt-Wheels were rolling! I saw four eScooters I hadn’t seen before. One was chain-driven(!). Another might have been my … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: Better YouTube Clips

This morning I tried to trim a YouTube clip at EZGIF.com, an online service I’ve used in the past. Well, the cut wouldn’t take. Enough of that! Some Googling turned up a free video editor called Shotcut. After a few … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Equals Character

The infrastructural humiliation of America I’m flying back to the USA today, and as an infrastructure aficionado, it’s nice to be going home, but I’m dreading the disappointment. I just spent two weeks in Singapore and Thailand; last year I … Continue reading

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Bird Admits Their Xiaomi/Ninebot Segway eScooters Were Shit

I said I would stop with posts about eScoters, but this one ties up a loose end — which also vindicates me. People were surprised when I couldn’t recommend a single eScooter months ago (Don’t Buy An eScooter For Christmas). … Continue reading

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