New York City Is Becoming Alt-Wheels City

After the winterboarding we experienced this week, Nature decided to tease us with temperatures in the high 40sF yesterday.

And the Alt-Wheels were rolling!

I saw four eScooters I hadn’t seen before. One was chain-driven(!). Another might have been my first sighting of an electric from Micro. One I thought was a Ninebot/Segway ES model but turned out not to be. It had dual lights built into the rear of the deck.

And then there was a group eSkateboard ride of about eight people (I was too busy looking at the boards and brand names to do an accurate count!). Most of the boards were Boosted. One was a Backfire. Another looked DIY (no brand name) with two rear outboard belt motors.

Plus, bonus, someone on a Segway Mini!

And this was just one day. When I wasn’t even looking!

This city is going to be filled with Alt-Wheels when the weather is reliably good again. The decrepit MTA, the crooked City Council, and the pompous Mayor can all drop dead and return to the Hell they came from. People are taking transit into their own hands — and despite any idiotic legal prohibitions!

The Alt-Wheels must roll!

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