Daily Archives: February 5, 2019

Fake Spring 2019

Think I’m elated? Wrong. Nighttime temperatures plunge into the 20sF this weekend. And there’s some kind of storm heading for us, for next week, with more 20sF at night. I’d be elated if this kind of warmth was the forecast … Continue reading

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The Strange World Of The Tiny House

From time to time, my attention is captured by an article or video about Tiny Houses. Small World: How the tiny-house trend has rebranded affordable housing into design chic After he pioneered the tiny-living trend, Jay Shafer married, had two … Continue reading

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Bigfooted Mellow Drive

Reddit u/Jean_claude_duss posted this amazing photo (click for huge): That’s a DogTown BigFoot II deck. It’s a whopping 12″ wide, with a length of 31″ and a 15.5″ wheelbase. The Mellow Drive looks so tiny underneath! Previously here: Mellow Drive’s … Continue reading

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Mugged Food

I was searching YouTube to find some variety to put on top of baked potatoes. And I ran across a bunch of videos about making quick food in a mug using a microwave oven. Who knew? I sure didn’t. But … Continue reading

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