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Blog Notes: Destination Unknown

A YouTube clip about the homeless in San Fransisco. John, Chapter 9. A Howard Roark quote from The Fountainhead. Cherryl Brooks explaining how she wound up in New York City, from Atlas Shrugged. Placing another public library hold on Skin … Continue reading

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Video: Jordan Peterson: Safe Versus Strong

I highlighted this in a past post (Safe Versus Strong) but didn’t have the tool at the time to make it a standalone clip. Now I do (Blog Notes: Better YouTube Clips). Jordan Peterson: Safe Versus Strong Previously here: Human … Continue reading

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“The Thrill Of Social Assassination”

What’s Missing From Call-Out Culture: The Opportunity to Change Call-out culture presumes malice and is indifferent to mitigating circumstances. Once a villain, always a villain. Call-out culture has come to see its role as policing bad behavior in a retributive … Continue reading

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