New Power

Right-wing politics has a new secret weapon. Can the Left harness it? | Jeremy Heimans

An interesting but, to me, insufficient explanation of how Trump got elected.

The circumstances that led to Trump began in the 1960s.

The world became more complex, more confusing, and the reasons for change were never properly elaborated. And they could have and should have been. People still had some respect and trust for political leaders.

But the moment was lost and now this confusion has continued for decades.

Trump comes along and basically says, “I know it confuses you. But I’ll put it right.”

And, of course, “putting it right” is never elaborated either. It’s whatever inhabits the mind of the people he attracts.

Until someone comes along and properly explains things, we’ll be subject to the current tug-of-war that paralyzes everyone.

I think the last President to have any understanding of how to govern in an age of mass communication was FDR. His fireside chats took the time to explain and to soothe a confused nation. Until someone else comes along who can do that, confusion will reign and we’ll continue to be susceptible to schemes that aren’t in any way for our best good.

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