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Suddenly Rich? Stop And Think!

This is probably the best video I’ve yet seen about what to do if you’re suddenly blessed with a large amount of money. I especially love it because the first piece of advice they give is the same one I … Continue reading

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The Elitist Frustration Of Wikipedia

I happened to look at my prior blog and noticed Whatever Happened To Agent Crush? was in the Top Posts sidebar. I decided to Google it and went to the Wikipedia page, which I’d seen years ago: Click = big … Continue reading

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A Rising Tide Of Hell In America

Rats, Public Defecation And Open Drug Use: Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes At post time, it was difficult to access that article because it was on Drudge Report (where I found it). To save time if you … Continue reading

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The Dollar Store Menu Of Doom And Death, Again

Don’t Buy These Foods At The Dollar Store I can’t recall ever seeing the US$1.00 “steak,” but I’ve eaten that burger. And the fish sandwich. And the two chicken ones (spicy and not spicy). They will flay your intestines. While … Continue reading

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Superheroes Of The Brain

Exactly. This video said what I’ve been thinking for years. While movie audiences are in the thrall of imaginary beings clad in costumes fighting imaginary CGI villains, many of us prefer actual human beings who were born with or developed … Continue reading

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