The Elitist Frustration Of Wikipedia

I happened to look at my prior blog and noticed Whatever Happened To Agent Crush? was in the Top Posts sidebar.

I decided to Google it and went to the Wikipedia page, which I’d seen years ago:

Click = big

This time, however, there was something new there that really got up my nose.

It was this part of the entry:

Click = big

Do you know how many damn times over the years I’ve tried to get Wikipedia to cite one of my blogs? And every damn time, it was denied! At one time, I was the sole source of information on the entire damn Internet about both TV puppet series Interster and Super Adventure Team. Would Wikipedia point to my posts? Hell no! They had a snooty prejudice against “blogs.”

But now they deign to point to one of my posts! And it’s not even to my post — it’s so people can read a Comment at the post!

This really boils my water, dammit.

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