“The Thing Happens.”

The People of the Abyss by Jack London [Google Books; my Google Drive].

Why do I keep recommending this book? I forget where this was said (probably in a movie): “Whatever has happened has happened and will happen again.” That’s why.

Unpredictable events can derail a life. Some people will be prepared for them and can recover.

But this next thing will happen to everyone. And there is no way to prepare for it or to escape it. (Watch to the very end; there’s a text punch[in-the-gut]line.)

55, unemployed and faking normal: One woman’s story of barely scraping by

When that thing happens, then what for you?

And if you think it’s just age — which is the point — you’re not paying attention. Every time you feed an AI, you’re training a possible replacement for your employment.

What will you do when the thing that happens is a box being more capable than you?

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