Napoleon Hill And Henry Ford

After posting Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes Deluded By Napoleon Hill?, I found a story that rings truer about Ford than the one Hill presented.

Here it is:

In America, when people write books they promote, they go to the bookstalls, they stand there, and if you purchase their recently published book they give you their signature. The day Napoleon Hill’s book was published Henry Ford entered the shop. He was looking for some good literature, and the owner said to him, “I would like to introduce you to a very well-known author and philosopher. His best book is published just today, and he would like to present a copy to you.” Napoleon Hill was brought from inside the shop; he presented his book. Henry Ford looked at the title, Think And Grow Rich. Then he looked at Napoleon Hill from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and asked him, “Have you come in your own car or on a public bus?”

Napoleon Hill could not understand what kind of question this was. But it was from Henry Ford, the richest man of those days, so he could not simply ignore it; he had to answer it. He said, “I have come on a public bus.”

Henry Ford returned the book and told him, “The day you have your own private car, come to me. That day I will accept your book. Think And Grow Rich — and you are still riding in a public bus! And you have some nerve to present the book to me, who has worked hard, day and night, to produce money; who was born poor, and who has reached to the very top in the whole world.”

Who even knows if this story is true? But it’s more likely than the one Hill told about Ford!

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Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes Deluded By Napoleon Hill?
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