Amazon Warehouse Hell

‘Colony of Hell’: 911 Calls From Inside Amazon Warehouses

Between October 2013 and October 2018, emergency workers were summoned to Amazon warehouses at least 189 times for suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, and other mental-health episodes, according to 911 call logs, ambulance and police reports reviewed and analyzed by The Daily Beast.

The reports came from 46 warehouses in 17 states—roughly a quarter of the sorting and fulfillment centers that comprise the company’s U.S. network. Jurisdictions for other Amazon warehouses either did not have any suicide reports or declined requests for similar logs.

Maybe Bezos himself needs to work in one of his own warehouses to see what others are going through. And then maybe he should fire all the people in charge of them and especially the sadist who created the procedures.

I’m not an Amazon customer — I want to be, but seeing these reports … do I want to contribute to that misery?

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2 Responses to Amazon Warehouse Hell

  1. James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon says:

    Wow. Makes those years during the Vietnam war I spend in Main Machinery Room #3 on the USS Ranger CVA-61 aircraft carrier seem like child’s play. Ambient temp was 150F/66c (170F/76c between the main feed pumps), loud enough to damage your hearing and we often worked 12 on-12 off shifts. US Marines were sent to us for disciplinary action. I often was covered in bunker oil and there was a single small control room where the temp was about 100F/38c. I can’t even imagine the horror of working for Amazon.

    I’ll keep buying from Amazon if for no other reason that to add stress to these little pansies. Yeah, yeah … hand me your TS card and I’ll punch it for you.

    • mikecane says:

      You forget that you went through basic training.

      EDIT to add: Also, are you seriously comparing yourself in the prime of your youth to seniors in their 60s and 70s? Because most Warehouse workers *are* seniors.

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