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The introduction of the Onewheel Pint has provided a wonderful relief from my main depressing task of late.

Since I haven’t made any Alt-Wheels decision yet, the Pint has put a new … erm … spin on my decision-making, despite its whopping 23 pounds of weight.

Videos after the break.

I saw this first video before and rewatched it today.

OneWheel+ Plus – The Truth – What I wish I knew buying the Onewheel+ XR

Onewheel + XR Six Months Later: 5 TIPS for NEW Riders

Onewheel Nosedive Highlights & 5 Rules That Will Save You!

It’ll be interesting to see if nosediving is still a hazard of the new Pint.

These next two show it can conquer the Death Hills I must deal with:

Can Onewheel Go Uphill?

San Francisco: How to turn any steep hill into an Escalator – OneWheel

What happens when one wheel battery dies?

Teaching people how to ride:

How to Onewheel: Teaching a Friend & Strangers

And here we go, Onewheel versus one of my Alt-Wheels candidates: The Boosted Mini X.

Onewheel vs Boosted Board One Month Review!

Wow. The Mini X was really sluggish on that hill!

The Onewheel Pint won’t start shipping until May. Still time to consider my options.

Plus, maybe there will be other alternatives in the weeks ahead.

Previously here:

Alt-Wheels Game Changer? Onewheel Pint.
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