Damn You, iPad Mini 5!

I really like that Likebook Mars. The eInk will help my eyes. And I’m still impressed by that Google Books PDF test.

Oh, look! iPad Mini 5!

Wait. Didn’t I say I didn’t care?

Yeah, but …

All the Likebook Mars can do well is reading.

Won’t there be times I’ll want YouTube? Just think of all those videos that are waiting to be watched!

Won’t there be times I’ll want to do OCR? I’ll still have to borrow print library books and OCR is the way to extract a quote. This is 2019. We don’t type them in like a savage!

Won’t there be times when I might want to do a blog post? Hell, I could take pictures and blog them right then and there (WiFi willing!).

Won’t I want to do an easy screensnap of a book page? The Likebook Mars method isn’t easy!

Won’t I want to check email?

Won’t I sometimes have an urgent need to see the news and the weather?

And what about that damnable thing called Twitter? What if I need to know something? I can’t run to an Apple Store and use a demo iPad! What, I’ll stand there like a yutz waiting for a reply?

Plus. think you idiot, this is iOS! Mellow Drive needs an iOS device for firmware updates. And if you decide on a Onewheel, you’d have an iOS device for its app. Yeah, I’d have to pull it out my backpack, but I can do that when I rest, to check the battery and other stats.

You know what this is looking like, don’t you?

Yeah, an argument where Apple is going to get US$549.


Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

You see? You can’t resist YouTube! Get the Mini 5!

But wait!!! The rumors of an iPod Touch being released this week won’t die!

Make. Up. Your. Damn. Mind.


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