Filipacchi In NYC Revises Onewheel Pint Delivery Date

End of June is more realistic than the mid-April date they originally had.

Onewheel Pint – Sand
Onewheel Pint – Slate

I stopped in their store to heft several things. That’ll — eventually — be another post. They cited April to my face then and I wasn’t at all convinced. I’m glad to see they’ve made this revision.

However, I wish companies would plan ahead of time and have a production run going before they announce so they can start shipping quickly. Yeah, yeah, I know how business works. But the sooner a product is out there and people are praising it, the faster more sales will ramp up. FFS, get a business loan and take the interest hit for the good of future sales. No one likes waiting.

Previously here:

Filipacchi In NYC Lists Onewheel Pint
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