Videos: Onewheel 101

He mentions being stopped by tiny rocks as a hazard of electric skateboards:

Onewheel 101 Vol 1: Should I buy a Onewheel vs. other eSkates? Pre-purchase info, opinion.

Yeah, still remembering the 1960s:

So every little pebble, every little bit of sharp grit, any tiny piece of gravel would hit the wheel and the wheel would immediately stop.

And I’d go flying forward off the damn board.

I don’t want to go through that again! Look at the surfaces I have to battle!

You would think how to get on and off a Onewheel would be the next lesson. You would be wrong. It’s basically how not to wind up killing yourself:

Onewheel 101 Vol 2: The most important thing you must know before your first ride!

And now it’s how to get on and off a Onewheel:

Onewheel 101 Vol 3: Your Very First Ride! Mounting, Dismounting.

And I’m so glad he did this video. It made me remember the method I once used to carry heavy things:

Methods for carrying a dead Onewheel. Walk of shame in style.

At some point, I forgot. That partly accounts for my back!

What a nosedive looks like and how to prevent it:

Onewheel Nosedive Highlights & 5 Rules That Will Save You!

Previously here:

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