“Why Is Your Mouth Considered Separate From The Rest Of Your Body?”

kalinjax has inspired many people who suffer with dental problems. Her YouTube Channel chronicles her dental procedures. She began with dentures at a young age and YouTube viewers made it possible for her to progress to implants. Her journey is quite involved and to get the full story, it’s necessary to see several of her videos. I don’t know if she was the first person to publicly document her tooth problems, but I do know that her courage led many other people to become public with theirs and post YouTube videos too.

This is perhaps her best video so far. She addresses the indefensible separation of the human mouth from the human body when it comes to insurance coverage. Few people even consider how weird that is. The human mouth is the human body. The mouth is the gateway to the body and it can affect overall health. The mouth can also be an alarm system that signals problems in the body. Why is the mouth separated from the body when it comes to insurance? This isn’t just screwy. In 2019, it’s just about evil. Not having good teeth not only affects health — but not having a good smile affects employment prospects and can lead to social isolation. It can also lead to mischaracterizing people as drug addicts. People think meth mouth. They never, ever, ever think “Oh, they can’t afford to fix their teeth.” Because people blessed with good teeth have no idea how much such repair work costs.

This is overdue for change. “Social justice” begins with the ability to be social. If all those “warriors” out there want to address a problem that cuts across race, age, class, national origin, and all the rest of their fine-grained classifications, this is it. Fix this.

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1 Response to “Why Is Your Mouth Considered Separate From The Rest Of Your Body?”

  1. Avery says:

    Oh, I so agree! I often rant about this. It is evil. Not just the expenses, which are exhorbitant, but the total lack of accountability dentists have. I know firsthand as a victim of dental malpractice. Most lawyers do not even take dental cases at all.

    And almost no insurance covers anything related to TMJ/jaw issues, which can cause more misery than just about anything. It’s all absolutely criminal.

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