The Long Shadow Of The Original Segway

The original Segway had a Newton-like “egg freckles” moment that set personal electric transport back for over seventeen(!) years now.

This video is not so much about the eUnicycle in the title. It’s more philosophical about personal electric transport, the original Segway, and how to market such things properly.

HOW ninebot Z10 will CHANGE the WORLD and why it NEVER WILL

I Commented:

Very interesting observations. I was there that day at Bryant Park and got to ride the Segway. It was like flying! I have to disagree about EUCs, however. I’ve watched learning videos and they’ve scared me off. While it’s true we put up with learning how to ride a bike, that’s when we were all eager kids and had peer pressure to live up to. There’s nothing similar we face today as adults (except maybe getting a car and learning to drive). As far as electric personal transport goes, I’m really thinking Onewheel has the best chance of changing things. The Pint got me interested even though I’d ruled out a Onewheel before. Having watched a ton of YouTube vids, it seems much easier to learn than an EUC. But even Onewheel has a way to go. It must be lighter and the range restrictions need to be lifted — which could be done with a swappable battery pack like Mellow Drive offers for eSk8.

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