Swagtron Has A Kick Scooter & New Crappy eSkateboard

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K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t note a kickscooter except I’ve seen them used in Manhattan. Plus, this is Swagtron, which can always be counted on for comic relief. From their press release:

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 25, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SWAGTRON™, the undisputed leader in micromobility, recently introduced the all-new K8 Titan adult kick scooter. Known for its light electric vehicles (LEVs)—ranging from ebikes to hoverboards—the brand’s latest commuter scooter is human powered.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Hahahahahahaha. No.

The other joke — and this one is bad (as in awful) — is their new craptastic eSkateboard.

SWAGSKATE A.I. Electric Penny Board

Spectra, the company whose overpriced “A.I.” skateboard has frustrated most buyers, redesigned their low-end model so the price could be cut to something human beings can afford.

But now it looks like this:

Look at how the electronics hang down! They went from overdesign to WTF-just-do-something-cheap design.

The claimed top speed is 9.3mph with a 5.6 mile range. Given the slimness of the electronics, I doubt both claims. Plus, the motor is only 200w, which is just about as low as it can get.

While US$249 might seem tempting this is probably being manufactured for below US$100 per unit. It’s not just the price that’s cheap. Everything about it is. If you have US$249 you are eager to be rid of, I could put it to better use on myself rather than you wasting it on this.

And, as is usual for Swagtron, the complete specs for this garbage is missing from their site despite a link for them.


Same-day update: Swagtron doesn’t attract my attention like better companies do. It turns out this crap board has been around for months. And here’s a video review confirming it’s crap:

Swagtron Spectra Mini Electric Penny Board Review | (Speed Test, Range Test, Hill Climb Test)

Yeah, I should have looked for a video earlier. But Swagtron always disappoints.

Previously here:

Oh hell. Just pop “Swagtron” or “Spectra” into the Search box at the top of the sidebar at right. I can’t be bothered with their crap.

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