The Weird GeoBlade

It’s a Onewheel.


It’s an electric unicycle.


It’s an odd hybrid.

It’s the GeoBlade 500.

And look at that! It has something Onewheel really, really needs.

A swappable battery!

Even so, this doesn’t seem compelling to me beyond being able to swap out batteries.

Here’s a previous pre-Kickstarter promo video:

Hoverboard Is All Skate With No Levitate

It was originally going to be called a hoverboard. Probably a trademark conflict killed that (bad) idea.

There are so few YouTube videos about this that it’s clear it hasn’t gained a large enough following to keep this company in business.

But good for them for designing it to have swappable batteries.

I wish Future Motion had done that with the Onewheel Pint!

Previously here:

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