Electric Unicycles Again

I’ve posted about them before. But just twice. Then I went back to electric scooters. And from them to electric skateboards. Then onto the Onewheel.

So what’s caught my attention about electric unicycles when I had decided on a Onewheel Pint?

Blame Sonny Wheels and his video turning an electric unicycle into an ersatz Onewheel.

I’d never seen an electric unicycle that small.

Research led me to discover another small 10-inch-wheeled electric unicycle called the Gotway Luffy.


Gotway Luffy 10inch unicycle

But no one should get that.

Despite its wee size and a light weight of just 14-15 pounds, it’s too underpowered for the price (about US$600). Plus, it turns out that Gotway skimped on its quality control. An American dealer stopped stocking it due to reliability issues and an owner confirms its lack of QC.

So I was back to what Sonny Wheels used: A Gotway MTen3. It’s heavier at about 25 pounds but has a motor more than twice as powerful as the Luffy with a range of about 20 miles (depending on rider weight, road conditions, and speed).

That 20 miles is 3 to 4 times the range of the Onewheel Pint!

And the Gotway MTen3 has just about the same price — below US$1,000.


Months and months ago, I watched some videos about learning to ride an electric unicycle. They scared the hell out of me. They also looked like too much damned work for a doubtful payoff.

It turns out I watched the wrong damn videos.

What got me looking again was a video from Jimmy Chang. a Onewheel owner whose videos I’ve been watching. And yesterday, surprise!, he bought an electric unicycle:

I Learn How to Ride My First EUC! Electric Unicycle vs Onewheel?

And he did it! He learned. And he learned quickly. And he did it without the hair-raising scenes of frustration I’d seen in past videos.

Could it really be that easy?

Well, here’s the best training video I’ve seen so far:

Learning How To Ride: Electric Unicycle

That all seems sensible. I think even an eejit like me could do that.

Earlier this week, I asked about the Luffy in a forum and was given this advice by a veteran EUC owner:

I own a 10 inch Gotway MTen3. They are NOT good for beginners. Smaller wheels are harder to use and easier to fall on. The small size makes small bumps, divots, and cracks feel much larger. Like hitting a small rock with a skateboard. vs hitting the same rock with a bicycle tire, the difference is big. The larger the wheel the more stable it is going over bumps and cracks. A beginner won’t have the skill to navigate rough terrain like an experienced rider.

Now that I have that out of the way. IIRC the Luffy was discontinued. The battery size is small and the wheel was pretty unpopular. The best size for a beginner is the 16 inch wheel. The extra 19 inches of tire on the circumference makes a large difference. I would look at getting a Ninebot c+/e+ for learning. Cheap, easy to use, durable, and replacement parts are common.

Well, that was discouraging. I really would have thought the MTen3 would be good.

It turns out he was wrong, wrong, wrong.

This morning, I saw a video that disproves what he said. The following video is nearly an hour long. But I’ve cued it to the relevant part (which is 42:07, in case YouTube forgets). She started out with a larger-wheel EUC. Although she was learning, it was going slowly. Then she was switched to the Gotway MTen3:

Teaching Session, How to Ride Electric Unicycles (EUC’s) 101 to complete novices

Just about immediate success. So much for it not being good for beginners! She’s a beginner. She said it was better to learn on!

I Commented at that video:

Good for her! People have said the MTen3 isn’t good for beginners. Well, she proved that it IS! Being smaller, it’s less intimidating. I watched the entire video. Thanks!

And got this reply:

Exactly right!

I love my mTen3 – as you said it’s less intimidating, more fun – and it makes you a better rider by exposing your bad habits. For new riders, they haven’t yet developed bad habits so they pick it up almost instantly (at least my students have).

Sometimes experts offering advice in forums can be wrong when it comes to you.

One good thing about an electric unicycle is that they can be trolleyed. They don’t have to be hand-carried like an electric scooter, electric skateboard, or even a Onewheel. That said, for the Gotway MTen3, there’s bad news:

Or is there?


At least one guy DIYed a trolley handle:

Mten3 Trolley Handle Adaptation

Wheeling it is better than the prospect of lifting it! Even if a trolley handle has to be DIYed.

Other interesting videos:

10 Tips for new electric unicycle riders

Fastest Student! Learn Single wheel Electric Unicycle within 4 hours!

2hrs to learn how to ride a Electric Unicycle

All of this makes me think it’s not too far-fetched for me to consider an electric unicycle — specifically the Gotway MTen3 — after all. But will I do it over a Onewheel Pint?

No decision yet!

But I think I’m no longer interested in electric skateboards. So there’s that.


NEW: MTen3 10”, ‘The Pocket Rocket’, 512Wh/800W Motor

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