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Stop Making Things Worse!

Jordan Peterson: Making Things Worse (Long) How can anyone disagree with that? Anyone who does probably falls into this category: Zig Ziglar: YOU Are The Problem Previously here: Human Variables category

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YouTube Originals? Nah.

YouTube Bows Out of Hollywood Arms Race With Netflix and Amazon YouTube has canceled plans for high-end dramas and comedies, people with knowledge of the matter said, a pullback from its grand ambitions for a paid service with Hollywood-quality shows. … Continue reading

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The Long Shadow Of The Original Segway

The original Segway had a Newton-like “egg freckles” moment that set personal electric transport back for over seventeen(!) years now. This video is not so much about the eUnicycle in the title. It’s more philosophical about personal electric transport, the … Continue reading

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“Passing Bus Stops Is Oddly Satisfying.”

NYC schoolteacher commutes to work on a Onewheel. A good variety of surfaces and traffic conditions in this short video. And look at all the people waiting for an MTA bus (click to enlarge): They’re miserable! And they’ll continue to … Continue reading

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Video: Interesting Review of Likebook Mars

This presents some new things. He replaced Boyue’s launcher with Google Launcher. He demonstrates using the Kindle app, Prestigio, and Perfect Viewer. Not shown, although he uses it, is Pandora(!). Ryno Reviews – Likebook Mars T80D…THE REVIEW! This tidbit from … Continue reading

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Onewheel: A Damn Beast!

Look at that surface: The Onewheel laughs at it! It would laugh at this too: Onewheel ride video after the break.

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Deadwood: The Movie

Deadwood: The Movie (2019) | Official Tease | HBO I don’t know what to make of that. It’s as if everything was frozen in time. And Hearst is back?! I don’t see Mr. Wu. Previously here: The Deadwood Movie Is … Continue reading

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Videos: Onewheel 101

He mentions being stopped by tiny rocks as a hazard of electric skateboards: Onewheel 101 Vol 1: Should I buy a Onewheel vs. other eSkates? Pre-purchase info, opinion. Yeah, still remembering the 1960s: So every little pebble, every little bit … Continue reading

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iPhone XS Max Versus iPad Mini 5

Twitter: It’s official. Previously here: iPhone Xs Max Is No Damn iPad Mini!

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“Why Is Your Mouth Considered Separate From The Rest Of Your Body?”

kalinjax has inspired many people who suffer with dental problems. Her YouTube Channel chronicles her dental procedures. She began with dentures at a young age and YouTube viewers made it possible for her to progress to implants. Her journey is … Continue reading

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