Weekend Review: March 30-31, 2019

A rare review post after all these months. With warmer weather, I have less inclination to read and am tempted to do walkies.

Sightings, walking the west side bike path:

– 3 Boosted
– 1 Boosted Mini
– 1 unidentified (UID) eScooter (DIY?)
– 1 eScooter (Glion Dolly?)
– 1 Xiaomi M365-style UID eScooter
– 1 UID eScooter
– 1 Ninebot/Segway ES-style eScooter
54 electric CitiBike (not a typo or prank)

Alt-Wheels have won. The Department of Transportation needs to shut off their stupid “eBikes are Illegal” sign at Canal Street.

On the tech side of things…

iPad Mini 5 is impressive just in the quick test I gave it of The American Magazine and an issue of Processed World. It took a lot of effort for me to crash the Books app with the first, not so much effort with the second.

Best Buy had the BLU Vivo XI+ on sale for US$219. This is the version with less RAM and onboard storage. I don’t know what transpired software-wise since my last test back in October, but this time I was very impressed with the camera. Did BLU or Google push out an update that fixed it? Maybe it was the lighting at that particular Best Buy? I don’t know. Amazon still has the model with more storage for US$329 at post time. That price difference almost makes it worthwhile to buy the Best Buy version despite its multitasking limitations.

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