Weekend Review: April 6-7, 2019

I did a superhike on Saturday. World Trade Center area west side bike path to 54th Street, across the avenues to Fifth, then down to the Whitehall ferry terminal. About ten miles.

Sightings were done on the west side bike path from WTC area up to 23rd Street. There I had to take a break and the seating was such that my back was to the path. The break was a half hour or so, so don’t expect these figures to be comprehensive:

78 electric CitiBike
3 UScooters eScooters
1 unidentified (UID) dual-belt electric skateboard (eSk8)
2 Boosted Mini X
1 Qiewa eScooter
2 Ninebot/Segway ES eScooters
1 Boosted
4 UID eScooters
3 UID eSk8
1 UID electric unicycle (EUC)

Bonus sightings:

54th & 9th Avenue: 1 Ninebot/Segway ES eScooter, 1 UID EUC
54th & 8th Avenue: 1 Inmotion EUC
54th & 5th Avenue: 1 Ninebot/Segway ES eScooter
Union Square: 1 UID EUC, 1 Boosted
Whitehall ferry terminal: 1 Mini X

It’s really irritating me that most Alt-Wheels makers absolutely suck at branding their products.

As low an opinion I have of Swagtron, look at their M365 eScooter clone:

A huge logo on the stem. I’m able to distinguish that from an unbranded Xiaomi M365 or clone.

The only reason I could identify the UScooters and Qiewa eScooters is because they had branding on them. Right on the stem — and large.

And the only reason I could identify the Inmotion EUC was because the owner had a branded cover over it.

Even in these days of lookalike cars, it’s possible to tell them apart because of the branding.

This, for example, is not hard to see:

Most cars have such a logo at front and back.

Why can’t Alt-Wheels makers do that?

Tech stuff: The Best Buy on Fifth Avenue had the elusive Google Pixel Slate tablet with keyboard. The tablet seemed wicked fast but too large. The magnets are damn strong. The keyboard is OK. But the entire setup weighs so much more than the Pixelbook that I had to wonder what they were even thinking.

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