Weekend Review: April 13-14, 2019

Real-life tasks prevented much reading and any walking of the west side bike path. I was confined to the lower Manhattan area, mostly below Houston.

And even though I wasn’t looking, I still managed Sightings. These were all serendipitous, at various locations, and I think speaks well to the growing popularity of Alt-Wheels that the damned self-absorbed egomaniacal Mayor and laughably-backward City Council both ignore.

5 unidentified (UID) electric skateboard
1 Boosted board
2 Onewheel
1 E-TWOW electric scooter

4 UID electric scooter
1 M365-style electric scooter

I don’t pay attention to CitiBike outside of the bike path.

No tech or reading news.

The thing about both ferry terminals is their population. I couldn’t help overhearing a phone call a thug was making to someone he was evidently subservient too. He did jail (prison?) time for the guy. Seemed to also remind the guy he killed(!) someone for him (and wasn’t caught). And what was his plan for that night? To find a homeless shelter to sleep in! Crime pays? And by the way, you’d never guess the guy was homeless from the way he was dressed. Or that he was a thug. Welcome to the Naked City.

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