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City Governments Blind To Alt-Wheels Revolution

Shared electric scooter rides accounted for 45.8 percent of all micromobility trips in 2018 Shared electric scooters are close to overtaking bike-sharing, according to the National Association of City Transportation Officials. In 2018, of the 84 million micromobility trips taken, … Continue reading

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Bike Expo NY: May 3-4 2019

Bike Expo NY

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Alt-Wheel Riders: Beware Of Cars Turning Left!

There’s a blind spot car drivers encounter when making a left turn that can hide pedestrians and riders and lead to collisions. NYPD put together a video they’ve yet to post to YouTube. This topic is so important that I … Continue reading

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The Boundary Is Understanding God

Richard Feynman on the deceptive simplicity of nature 2017 : WHAT SCIENTIFIC TERM OR CONCEPT OUGHT TO BE MORE WIDELY KNOWN? The mysterians propose that human intellect has boundaries and that some of nature‚Äôs mysteries may forever lie beyond our … Continue reading

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