City Governments Blind To Alt-Wheels Revolution

Shared electric scooter rides accounted for 45.8 percent of all micromobility trips in 2018

Shared electric scooters are close to overtaking bike-sharing, according to the National Association of City Transportation Officials. In 2018, of the 84 million micromobility trips taken, 38.5 million of those were on scooters.

The other 45.5 million trips were on bikes — either ones from station-based bike-shares or dockless shared bikes. Rides on station-based bikes accounted for 36.5 million trips, an increase of nine percent from 2017. Compared to the year prior, more than twice as many trips were taken on micromobility services.

The only thing that’s measured is what’s measured.

The post has a chart. The city governments track only rental rides. Being ignored are owner-operated Alt-Wheels (eSkateboard, eUnicycle, Oneweel).

That’s bad and good.

Bad: They have no idea of the shift taking place. It’s under their radar. Until they understand what’s happening, cars will still get preferential treatment on roadways.

Good: Let the rental eScooters pave the way for better bike (aka Alt-Wheel) paths and entice people into buying their own eScooters or other Alt-Wheels.

Alt-Wheels will eventually win.

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