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Alt-Wheel (aka “bike”) lane advocates highlight their lack of safety in a very low-cost and clever way. This is not something I can do justice with a post. Instead, see it on Twitter. Previously here: eScooters category eSkateboards category eUnicycles … Continue reading

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Second NYC Onewheel Commute Video

Another NYC Onewheel commute video from Mario Contino, who commutes to his job at a school. He does a ride video the right way: No music! Get a load of the hellish surfaces the Onewheel takes on. It’s a beast! … Continue reading

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The Latest News About Legalizing Alt-Wheels In New York

What’s next for e-bikes? State Sen. Jessica Ramos and Assemblywoman Nily Rozic introduced legislation on Tuesday that would legalize e-bikes and e-scooters throughout the state. The legislation follows a measure in Cuomo’s proposed budget in January that would have amended … Continue reading

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New YouTube Behavior: Playlist PopUp

It’s shorter than the prior version. Now has an X in the upper right corner to dismiss it. I still don’t like the way this is handled. I have a ton of Playlists and it’s a real PITA to scroll … Continue reading

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New Category: eUnicycles

I think I’ve put all relevant posts in the new category: eUnicycles category I’m still uncertain about creating a Category for the Onewheel.

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Commute Time Reduced To One-Third Using Electric Unicycle

Notes: 1) Videomakers, do not slather music over your ride video. It’s better for us to hear the street and Alt-Wheels motor sounds. 2) There’s a variety of hellish surfaces in the video. 3) He’s wearing a full-face helmet for … Continue reading

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US$4.00 AirPod Clones

$4 AirPods on Wish Review – Vivian Tries The Comments are hilarious. And now I know two things: 1) These are probably the same thing I’ve seen in a NYC discount store for about US$20. 2) Worth the shot. However, … Continue reading

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Latest Deadwood Movie Trailer

It’s looking better with each tease! Calamity Jane is back! And my favorite character of the entire series is, too!

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