Ten Million Views

And it’s not even my video! I forget the source. All I did was clip out a bit I found fascinating. Jobs was famous for his temper. Yet here, on a public stage, he does some masterful jiu jitsu on a question meant to belittle him and question his competency.

Steve Jobs Insult Response

I could’ve made some bank — at least to feed the cats! — if I’d monetized that. But, as I said, the video did not originate with me and I’m not one of those YouTube sleazes who rips off the work of others to make money. All I did was save people some time from a longer video by highlighting what I thought was an insightful moment.

The preface video is hardly viewed, which is a shame as it also encapsulates Jobs:

Steve Jobs Insult Preface (Part One)

I loved the idea of OpenDoc yet I totally understand why he killed it.

I still wish Apple would revive HyperCard, however! Grumble …

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