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Licking Your Chops Over Another Civil War? You Better Stop To Think!

Whatever “side” you’re on, whoever your imaginary “enemies” are, any armed conflict in America that disrupts its everyday functioning is going to cascade quickly into the deaths of millions. Transportation disruption would kill people who have no “side,” who don’t … Continue reading

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Bird Rental eScooter Gets Very, Very Clever

I said I would stop eScooter posts. But this news warrants one. Unlimited rides with a monthly Bird rental 1) This is game-changing. 2) By doing this, they’ll know the person to hold liable for damages (no more idiots doing … Continue reading

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Who Will Buy Numenta?

2012: Jeff Hawkins on the future of data (short version) That video is more relevant in 2019 with the rise of AI. Numenta is bound to be a future acquisition battle. The question is, who will buy it? Apple? They’re … Continue reading

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“The Lion Of The Abdomen”

I used to think the most traitorous organ of the human body was the heart. No. It’s the pancreas. Exocrine pancreas | Gastrointestinal system physiology | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy Additional: Wikipedia: Deaths from pancreatic cancer Previously at Mike Cane’s … Continue reading

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Living With A Cat While On The Road

Excellent video. And the Comments are informative too. Traveling Fulltime with a Cat

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