Licking Your Chops Over Another Civil War? You Better Stop To Think!

Whatever “side” you’re on, whoever your imaginary “enemies” are, any armed conflict in America that disrupts its everyday functioning is going to cascade quickly into the deaths of millions.

Transportation disruption would kill people who have no “side,” who don’t see the people around them as “enemies.”

Here are just three catastrophic consequences of that:

1) Supermarket shelves will go bare. Stocks are supplied every day.

2) Pharmacies will run out of meds. How many people out there require medication to reinforce a failing body? Diabetics. Blood pressure. And too many other conditions to even list — and a hell of a lot more than any regular person even knows about.

3) Hospitals will run out of supplies. And ERs will be broken by the influx of gunshot wounds. Attending to them will deplete manpower and patients not in the ER will suffer.

Everything will stop functioning, period. Because people will fear for their lives. They won’t travel to their jobs. You’re so enamored of Atlas Shrugged? Well, the broken society depicted in that was much less complex. Our world today is quite fragile.

Any widespread disruption is not an option. Period.

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