Who Will Buy Numenta?


Jeff Hawkins on the future of data (short version)

That video is more relevant in 2019 with the rise of AI.

Numenta is bound to be a future acquisition battle. The question is, who will buy it?

Apple? They’re overtaxed as it is. And they wasted Siri. They would waste Numenta.

Google? Oh, they’d lick their chops to get it. But their rep is bad. They’ve created and let languish and then killed many things.

Uber? Uber would love it but it would be a tragic waste of Numenta’s potential.

Facebook? Zuckerberg would sell his mother to have it. Which is why he should never have it.

Microsoft? I just don’t see the fit. Cortana went nowhere.

Amazon? Bezos is perhaps the winner. Although Numenta would be a superower for Alexa, it’d also be a superpower for all of Amazon’s cloud services. Bezos would squeeze it like a lemon to extract all of its potential. It’d make Bezos the world’s first trillionaire. No. I’m not kidding about that trillionare part. Numenta can be that world-changing.

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