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Video: Ninebot One E+ eUnicycle Climbing A Death Hill

In Norway. But still the kind of inclines I face on this damned island. The music is annoying, so hit mute (M-key): Ninebot one e plus vs cyclist. 20 degree incline hill Previously here: Measure Death Hills For Electric Skateboarding … Continue reading

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Hand-Wringing Political Temps Of NYC Fear eScooters

Electric Scooters Are Sweeping the Country. New York Says Not So Fast. Leaders in New York are reluctant to change the law and worry that scooters are too dangerous, especially in an increasingly congested Manhattan where cars, pedestrians and cyclists … Continue reading

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Video: China Issues Threats

Chinese Video Urges War With U.S. This is not good.

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Video: eScooter Turn Signals

An idea that is overdue as standard on all eScooters of any value — especially the next Boosted Rev. Turn Signal Lights for E-Scooters YouTube Description: For extra safety and precaution, we always advocate riding with lots of lights, the … Continue reading

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The Spy In Your Home, Your Pocket, Your Entire Life

Apps Are Using Background App Refresh to Send Data to Tracking Companies During the course of a week of testing, Fowler ran into 5,400 trackers, mostly found within apps, which Disconnect told him would likely send 1.5 gigabytes of data … Continue reading

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China Threatens Alt-Wheels Too

This is the third post on this topic today. It’s more of a sidebar, calling out the wider impact of China’s rare earths threat. It’s not just phones and computing tech that will be affected. So will Alt-Wheels: U.S. Risks … Continue reading

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And We’re Back To Red Headlines

Red Headlines were a thing during the economic crash of 2008. Eleven years later, we’re back at it. And a new report since my post earlier today: U.S. Risks ‘Devastating’ Blow From China’s Rare Earths Monopoly Beijing’s threat to use … Continue reading

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Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX Nears US$1M

I’ve already said what I think of this. This post is merely to keep track of the phenomenon. For all the backers, do you really think they’re selling it to you via IGG at a loss? You can’t be that … Continue reading

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Panic. But Quietly.

China ready to hit back at U.S. with rare earths – newspapers China is ready to use rare earths to strike back in a trade war with the United States, Chinese newspapers warned on Wednesday in strongly worded commentaries on … Continue reading

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New iPod Touch Announced

Apple press release: New iPod touch delivers even greater performance Let’s cut to the chase: Same screen, same cameras, different CPU. Unknown if more RAM. I’d been agitating for a new iPod Touch. But this … Apple didn’t even try. … Continue reading

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