Jarring New YouTube Behavior


In an effort to make YouTube easier to use for, I suppose, absolute idiots, the left sidebar has been changed to that UI-breaking minimalism.

How does it break UI? No more History listed as an item.

But when someone clicks on Library …

There’s this Mission Control-like view (click for big):

… where History is first.

But I don’t consider History part of my damn Library. And by putting it there, it’s taking away screen space for my Playlists.

And, dammit, it’s showing all of you Playlists that are Private and one that’s Unlisted. There’s goes that! FFS.

And while we’re at it, what’s in my History doesn’t mean it’s something of interest to me. I often call up a video on a topic to send to someone else.

And yeah, I have 968 Subscriptions. Not all of those accounts are even active. But I did have over 150 Notifications from some of those accounts over the weekend.

Which brings me to the latest thing I yelled at YouTube about: Getting rid of the damn drop-down scrollable list from the Bell at the desktop site. Using that is sheer hell.

GAH! As I was poking at the new UI, I wound up getting the old left sidebar!

YouTube hates me.

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