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Reddit Forum For Boosted eScooter

This is where the all the owner and potential buyer action will be: r/boostedscooter Previously here: Penultimate Boosted eScooter Promo Video Boosted eScooter: Large, Fatter Tires And Very Thick Deck It’s Official: Boosted To Unveil An Electric Scooter Chronological List … Continue reading

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Volkswagen To Do WTF Electric Sitting Scooter

Streetmate – The medium-range electric scooter This is possibly the fugliest thing I’ve ever seen … It looks like something from Dr. Seuss if he was forced to do industrial design.

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The End Of My Blogging Days Is Near

I just can’t believe this … That Proofread button has saved my ass more than once. And now it’s gone. Same-day update: I have reason to suspect WordPress is lying and they took Proofreading away only from those of us … Continue reading

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