Volkswagen To Do WTF Electric Sitting Scooter

Streetmate – The medium-range electric scooter

This is possibly the fugliest thing I’ve ever seen …

It looks like something from Dr. Seuss if he was forced to do industrial design.

Hey, Volkswagen, that’s not going to appeal to people who are thinking about Alt-Wheels. The Ojo scooter has it beat for looks:

And takes up far less street length!

And you guys know that looks matter. Or did you forget this memorable ad in my lifetime:

The Streetmate isn’t just as ugly. The Streetmate is godawful fugly. People will look like idiots on it. The VW Beetle was cool.

This is cool:

Alt-Wheels isn’t just about slapping a battery onto something. Or designing something no human being would be caught dead riding with a battery.

Alt-Wheels is a shift in how people think about transportation.

The Streetmate is clearly some clueless corporate committee’s idea of what an “alternative electric vehicle” is like. This is not just a failure of understanding, it’s a complete failure of insight.

It’s nothing that will attract anyone in the Alt-Wheels market. Nor will it even attract people who have cars.

The Streetmate is dead on arrival. It’s shameful that you think it’s worthy of the VW logo.

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