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Bird Rental eScooter Pivots? Offers Rugged Bird One For Sale.

An interesting development … Bird One It looks like a ruggedized Xiaomi M365. And weighs a whopping 38.6 pounds! This is apparently the Bird Zero with some modifications. The price? US$1299. Again: I warned everyone eScooters would cost over US$1,000: … Continue reading


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Thunderbirds Are Go: Lee Majors As Jeff Tracy

Thunderbirds Are Go | Interview with Jeff Tracy’s New Voice Actor Lee Majors I have episodes unwatched. I’m just not excited by this series (past posts are evidence of that!). Casting Lee Majors is an interesting decision. But I doubt … Continue reading

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Always, Always, ALWAYS Wear A Helmet!

Reddit: 3 weeks ago I suffered a traumatic brain injury (and a whole list of stuff) due to a fall without my helmet. I’m crazy fortunate in my recovery and getting back into riding. As for the helmet, I’ll never … Continue reading

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