NYC: King Song 16S Electric Unicycle Explodes In Fire

Charging electric unicycle sparks Greenwich Village fire

‘Electrical Unicycle’ Sparks Greenwich Village Fire, FDNY Says

Both articles are incorrect. The eUnicycle, a King Song 16s, exploded on its own, without being plugged into AC.

Here’s an excerpt from a series of screensnaps from the owner (via Reddit):

He goes on to state that it wasn’t charging at the time and that it had been overhauled by seller eWheels, from whom he had bought it new.

This is an unusual situation but again highlights the potential dangers of LiOn batteries. Always keep an eye on them. Have smoke and CO2 detectors and a fire extinguisher capable of handling an electrical fire at home. And never, ever use a charger other than the one supplied by the manufacturer.

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