Stop The Ride Snobbery

E-Biking My Way Through New York’s Five Boro Bike Tour

You know what’s great about e-bikes? They’re the opposite of the ubiquitous exclusionary cyclist attitude, the one that says you don’t deserve to ride if your quads aren’t up to the task.

Life is not a Gatorade commercial. Lots of people out there wouldn’t be able to complete a 40-mile ride on a traditional bicycle but could with an electric assist, something that might open up their hearts to a new love of cycling and of their hometown.

Riders who want to tackle that long Saturday ride with their friends but feel scared off by the distance might take on the challenge if they knew a battery had their back.

1) Cars hate cyclists

2) Cyclists hate eCyclists

3) Skateboarders hate eSkateboarders

4) Walkers hate all of them

FFS, there’s something for everyone. Stop being a snob.

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