Receptor: A Must-Read

Receptor by Alan Glynn

Most of you have probably not heard of a brilliant novel called The Dark Fields. Until it was rebranded to the title of its movie adaptation: Limitless. (My opinion of that.)

It was thought that the original novel was it. A story in itself. I’m sure people asked for more. But they were given someone else’s twisted idea of “more” with a bad TV series (see links at end of post).

But did Alan Glynn, the writer, have anything more to say about MDT-48, a wonder drug that turns ordinary people into cognitive giants?

And even if he did, could a sequel be as brilliant as the original novel? Sequels often lack the magic of the original.

Alan Glynn surprised everyone:

1) Under the Night (titled Receptor in the U.S.) is a second book in the MDT-48 universe

2) It’s not a sequel or a prequel — it’s both!

I never expected another book about MDT-48. So when I found out about this one, I had to read it. I did this weekend.

Man, did this book zooooom!

With the genius and intricacy of the plot, the richness of the story, and the added depth given to the descriptions of MDT-48’s effects, I’d be tempted to say that Glynn has a stash of the pills and he used them to write this. But that would be robbing him of the credit he deserves! This is all 100% Glynn. And it’s perhaps even more brilliant than the original novel. This is a follow-up book that does not disappoint at all.

The frustrating part is that, as with the first book, I’m wanting MD-48. Which I shouldn’t. But! To have that mental access, that intellectual acuity, and that charisma! We have always been drawn to “superheroes of the brain.” And just the thought of there being an MDT-48 that could transform us into one of them is enticing beyond belief.

I’m not going to give any details of the story. That would only spoil the magic.

Get this book. Especially if you loved The Dark Fields. I can’t recommend it enough! And if you’ve never read The Dark Fields, buy that and this one. You will fall in love with them.

I hope for a third book. But that’s up to Alan Glynn. Doing Receptor must have taken a lot out of him. But if he ever decides to do a third, I hope it won’t take more than a decade to reach print!

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