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Video: Onewheel Pint From Manhattan To Brooklyn

I love this video sooooo much. No music. Great narration. Lots of things to see. Some hilarious text overlays. And this is the first real-world use of a Onewheel Pint. Other videos have been short demo rides. Onewheel Pint Beats … Continue reading

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First Video Of New Boosted Rev eScooter

Tishawn Fahie gets the jump on everyone with the first video of the Boosted Rev eScooter that isn’t a canned promo! All the details are right here! This is the Boosted Scooter! Official Specs & Price! Well done, Tishawn! Previously … Continue reading

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Boosted Rev: The eScooter That Will Change Everything.

This is when Alt-Wheels changes everything. Boosted, the best-known name in personal electric transport, has unveiled their eScooter. It’s called the Rev. Introducing Boosted Rev 22-mile range, top speed of 24mph (the laws will have to conform to that higher … Continue reading

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Inspiration From Wu-Tang Clan

I must preface this by saying rap and hip-hop are not my thing. I’m a child of The Beatles and that era. When disco hit, music began to generally die for me. But even though rap and hip-hop are not … Continue reading

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